Live Tweet of the 2013 APHA Annual Meeting

The 2x2 Project covers emerging public health science in real time

Published on November 3, 2013by Dana March

Twitter has emerged as a powerful tool for communication and connection, quickly becoming one of the most predominant social media platforms in the world. It is an engine uniquely positioned for translating emerging science. Complex ideas can be conveyed effectively if simply—communicating in 140 characters demands economy. And relationships among individuals, groups, and organizations can be initiated and galvanized by sharing information and ideas. We welcome the opportunity to shape discourse about public health at the 141st Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association, the theme of which is Think Globally, Act Locally. Our fellows and staff will be live tweeting the conference, spanning a broad spectrum of public health topics. Follow us here and on Twitter @the2x2project. Elevate the conversation.